Island Bodies: Transgressive Sexualities in the Caribbean Imagination

Released: 2016
Format: Book
Genre: Nonfiction

Island Bodies: Transgressive Sexualities in the Caribbean Imagination is unique in its breadth as well as its multilingual and multidisciplinary approach, addressing homosexuality, interracial relations, transgender people, and women’s sexual agency in Dutch, Francophone, Anglophone, and Hispanophone works of Caribbean literature.

Ultimately King reveals that despite the varied national specificity, differing colonial legacies, and linguistic diversity across the islands, there are striking similarities in the ways Caribglobal cultures attempt to restrict sexuality and in the ways individuals explore and transgress those boundaries.

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The cover artwork is by Ewan Atkinson!

“Outstanding. One of the best examinations of the dissonance between official sexual ideologies and actual social and cultural practices I have had the pleasure of reading.”
—David William Foster, author of São Paulo: Perspectives on the City and Cultural Production
“A thoughtful exploration of how Caribbean women and sexual minorities are at the center of a sexual revolution that refuses containment within Euro-American concepts of identity and sexuality. This is an unprecedented sexual revolution, led by sexual minorities, transforming the region and giving new meanings to what inclusion and liberation look like.”
—Amalia L. Cabezas, author of Economies of Desire: Sex Tourism in Cuba and the Dominican Republic