I send you b r e a t h

Released: 2020
Format: Mixed Media
Genre: Not-A-Blog

Breath is in short supply right now; COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, often making people cough and gasp. Others find themselves short of breath because of anxiety. In May 2020, as I made and mailed this not-a-blog, deaths in the USA approached 100,000 people – worldwide. And more than millions of people are infected. These numbers are unfathomable. The tiny bottles filled with letters that spell “breath” symbolize the deep, calm breaths I wish for us all.

The translucent onionskin paper used was gathered at Ann Hamilton’s 20 installation at MASS MoCA, Corpus. While most of the text is mechanically printed, the title line was typed on a manual typewriter.

Oh – and if you really want to take the letters out; use tweezers!%