Not-a-Blog March 2016

Released: 2016
Format: Mixed Media
Genre: Not-A-Blog

This Not-a-Blog entails a choice. The recipient can keep the card as is, or they can take it apart. If the remove the stitching, they will not only discover the different phrase on the Trinidad card, they will find a question written on the non-TT card.

I used to send a lot of letters, and I used to send postcards from every place I visited. I ended up with extras, which made up a box of postcards that went all the way back to my 8th grade trip to Florida.

Each of this iteration of the Not-a-Blog consists of two postcards; one of Trinidad and Tobago, and one of another place, from my collection. This project hearkens back to the joy of sending and receiving postcards, but it literally and figuratively has two sides. The cards appear to read “I AM NOT HERE,” but the “not” is only embroidered into the top carc, so that the Trinidad card is stitched with the words “I AM HERE” – since I am, in fact, in Trinidad as I make them. The phrase “I AM NOT HERE” also gestures towards feelings of invisibility, of not being seen aat all, or not being seen for who we are.